The Soulpedia is one of SoulCaptors main features. Souls can be captured and stored in this collection book. Any entries show a picture of the monster and contain information about the level, name, location and additional information.

The Soulpedia has several benefits for players, making the entries wanted. First of all a bonus will be given for collecting entries. These include stat boosts and boosts to damage, dodge, etcetera. These are divided in boosts for collecting normal monsters, elite monsters, and boss monsters. Higher amount of soulpedia entries result into increasingly better permanent boosts. The second reason people want to add entries is because this is the only way to use mounts.

Entries can be added by using a monster's corresponding scroll. These can be obtained randomly as a drop from that specific monster. Thugga Algae is the only monster known to have no entry in the Soulpedia, as it is known to be a corrupt Algaeric.