What is a questEdit

Like most MMO's Soul Captor offers various kinds of quests for players to take. There are quests which must be completed in order to progress throughout the course of the game, these are called Main Quests. In addition, there are side quest ranging from defeating a certain number of monsters to collecting a number of items, called Side Quests. Completing quests rewards you with various bonuses from EXP(Experience Points) to level up your characters to items to help you out in games, such as potions which restore your HP(Health Points) or MP(Magic Points).

Main QuestEdit


Quest Name Petitioner Location Minimum Level Hint Reward Image
Movement Lonely Anima Godbless Isle LV1 Left Click on where you want to move Your very own Anima
Quest 00 Description

Quest00 Description

Naming Lonely Anima Godbless Isle LV1 Give a name for your Anima Naming your Anima
Pickup Lonely Anima Godbless Isle LV1 Right click on your Helmet Helmet for your class
Book of Order Lonely Anima Godbless Isle LV1 Left click the destination on Quest Tracker N/A

Side QuestEdit

Anima QuestEdit

Quest Name

Petitioner Location Minimum Level Hint Reward  Image
Pistaflower Ms. Hsi Taiyuan Village (12768,11024) 1


By the lake

Exp 20 

Sp 50 SoulPower10


3x Yellow,Red or Purple Pistaflower

Pricey Withered Peach Tree Merchant Teke Peach Forest (2317, 8138) 1 Grab branches from the ground.

Exp 26

Sp50 SoulPower10

Glowstone, TreasureMap


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